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HeartTalk: A dad’s Matchmaking Advice about His Girl

HeartTalk: A dad’s Matchmaking Advice about His Girl

L ove engendering love is an excellent experience

It’s the perfect time to own takeaway number three: Good, godly female yearn to possess believe-affirming, godly guys and you can listen very carefully in order to godly the recommendations. Whenever that guidance aligns that have God’s providence, might wade.

The newest Come upon

For months Rebekah along with her maids journeyed towards camels on Canaan. Anybody who have previously ridden towards the an excellent camel manage agree that this should have started extremely jarring. We suppose Rebekah should have peppered Eliezer which have questions relating to Isaac and you can Abraham and you will God’s functions inside their existence. The new surroundings grows more common, and you can Eliezer together with other servants journey a lot more intentionally. Home is coming soon. Rebekah’s earliest look out of the girl future husband finds out him meditation from inside the brand new fields nearby the fresh new camp (Gen. , 64). Culturally rightly, Rebekah discusses the woman face which have an effective veil. After hearing Eliezer’s declaration, Isaac provides the woman as part of the authoritative marriage into his mom’s tent. Rebekah will get Isaac’s partner-as well as the new matriarch.

Brand new narrative, although not, is not yet complete. An overview declaration closes so it strange love story by telling us you to Isaac enjoyed Rebekah. This really is one of the few occasions inside Scripture you to definitely relates to marital love. It had been it love you to comforted Isaac adopting the death of his mother, Sarah (verse 67).

Right here will come the last takeaway on the bizarre like tale: Love grows strongin safe, godly marriages. It�s a reaction to common faith requirements and sometimes involves a great long-journey off ups and downs, of downfalls and you can wins. When you are Isaac’s and you can Rebekah’s relationships may have been manufactured in heaven, it needed uniform commitment, constant interaction, and you can careful character molding to guard it off failure and you will debacle.